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What is Classeek ?

Classeek is a company founded in Lausanne on the 10th of March 2017, and based at the Innovation Park of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) leveraging technology to rationalize, and bring efficiencies to the Classical Music World.

Classeek is created and animated by a team with a double passion for the Classical Music World and Innovation and joins both the arts and tech worlds through its platform.

Mission & Vision

Classeek’s main mission is to identify, track and support talent globally. 

Classeek’s vision is to improve efficiency and transparency in our industry by offering a new generation of technological tools and services, making objective and trusted information easy to access and available, and drive intelligence to professionals worldwide.

Classeek has developed this digital platform with a new set of tools to serve the Classical Music Community at large and more specifically: performing artists, artistic management, presenters, recording companies, and audio-visual producers.

Every generation produces a wealth of musical talent, and a core of interested patrons and audiences to support them, but talent discovery and performance opportunities still rely on a traditional business model that is primarily based on relationships, word of mouth and personal recommendations. The music world has traditionally operated with many relatively closed and disconnected small networks. For this reason, talented artists are not always identified quickly, and may also risk missing professional opportunities available to them.

Classeek is providing professionals with tailor-made solutions that provide updated and unbiased market information, custom analytics, and unprecedented insights.

We have developed an algorithm that allows unique data analysis modeling and tracks trends through market data, thus providing objective information designed to assist in identifying musical talent globally, while also helping artists and agents find new opportunities and make career decisions.

Our unique tools are specifically designed to assist professionals in their daily tasks: These tools provide up-to-date, unbiased information and help musicians and their agents create, share, and maintain their professional materials.


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