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Classeek has invited a very select group of internationally established performing artists to become Classeek Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors recommend musicians they believe are ready for a significant career in music.

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Raphaëlle Moreau, violin
Recommended by Renaud Capuçon
Alexandra Conunova, violin
Recommended by Renaud Capuçon
Sol Daniel Kim, cello
Recommended by Gautier Capuçon


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Sol Daniel Kim, Yoon Dayoung
Laurence Guillot, Soprano


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Support and create connections between tomorrow's artists, this is what makes Classeek unique.

Renaud Capuçon, violinist

Thanks Classeek for this beautiful energy, trust and highlight today's and tomorrow's talents.

Gautier Capuçon, cellist

Classeek est un lieu de rencontres, source de nouvelles aventures et créations musicales. Dans une époque de révolution technologique, les artistes ont besoin de nouveaux moyens pour faire évoluer et partager leur passion au-delà des frontières et permettre plus d’échanges entre la musique classique, le jazz et les musiques du monde.

Yaron Herman, jazz pianist, improviser, composer

Connecting the most advanced communication tools to serve tomorrow’s most promising musicians, this is the unique challenge aimed by Classeek. For this we must be thankful and devoted.

Michel Béroff, pianist