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Classeek has invited a very select group of internationally established performing artists to become Classeek Ambassadors.

Ambassadors recommend artists to this program that they believe are ready for a significant career in music.

Alexandra Conunova, Violinist
Recommended by Renaud Capuçon
Alexandra Conunova, violin
Recommended by Renaud Capuçon
Sol Daniel Kim, cello
Recommended by Gautier Capuçon
Raphaëlle Moreau, violin
Recommended by Renaud Capuçon
Sol Daniel Kim, Yoon Dayoung


Classeek proposes a concert series with Classeek Artists and Ambassadors, both live and streaming, performed in the Classeek Showroom.



During this time of social distancing, book a Virtual Live Recital with the artist of your choice and enjoy the pleasure of a cultural event from your home and some quality moments of togetherness.

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The Classeek Showroom Series are recorded live for the use of Classeek Artists as its important for them to have high quality videos for their promotion.
Classeek artists enjoy sharing with you some of their unedited videos recorded during our concert series.

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Join ClasseekLink: the Professional Network for the Classical Music Community

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Connecting the most advanced communication tools to serve tomorrow’s most promising musicians, this is the unique challenge aimed by Classeek. For this we must be thankful and devoted.

Michel Béroff, pianist

Thanks Classeek for this beautiful energy, trust and highlight today's and tomorrow's talents.

Gautier Capuçon, cellist

Support and create connections between tomorrow's artists, this is what makes Classeek unique.

Renaud Capuçon, violinist

Geniuses create music that stays with mankind across centuries. With data science at the service of our promising musicians, Classeek is providing them with a state of the art support, network and platform throughout their development.

Emmanuel Pahud, flutist

András Schiff, pianist

"It is both a responsibility and honour to support young pianists as they develop their individual musicality and begin to perform solo recitals professionally. I welcome Classeek's initiative to create opportunities for these talented artists to be heard and am delighted for my "Building Bridges" pianists to be included."

Sir András Schiff, pianist

Grâce à l’intelligence artificielle, les art-techs crèvent l’écran

L’entreprise Classeek à Lausanne utilise des outils développés par la médecine et la génétique pour représenter ses références dans la musique classique. Sur cette image, chaque point représente un musicien qui a participé aux 25 éditions du Verbier Festival. Les lignes relient les musiciens qui ont joué ensemble, on peut ainsi cartographier des centaines de concerts, des répertoires partagés, des familles d’interprètes, et, en somme, les coups de cœur de Martin Engström, fondateur du Verbier Festival !

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