‘Humanity needs the Arts to thrive, not to survive but to thrive’ 

R. Douglas Sheldon

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During this time of social distancing, and even during our daily routines, it is important to retain human connection to maintain health and to keep our spirituality alive.

If you are searching new ways of animating your events, celebrations, or simply spending some quality time together, book our virtual live recitals with the artist of your choice, and enjoy the pleasure of togetherness again in an intimate circle.

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Sample programs for violin

Program 1
J.S.Bach - Sonate no.1 in G minor 20‘
Eugène Ysaye - sonata no.3
« Balade » à George Enescu 9’

Programme 2
J.S.Bach- Partita no.1 in h minor 28’
Eugene Ysaye- sonata no. 2 “Obsession” à Jacques Thibaud 20’

Programme 3
J.S. Bach- Partita no.2 in d minor -“Ciaccona” 28’

'Without leaving the comfort of home a violinist or an actor must be able to give a recital on the other side of the world and be paid for it. This implies the use of technologies that are available or will soon be available. There are already pioneers in the field such as the online platform Classeek.'

Jacques Attali, Writer

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