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Classeek is bringing you curated opportunities to support upcoming talent and events, allowing you to participating actively in innovating new forms of revenue and by increasing the financial flow for musicians and organisations.

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Classeek helps your foundation in innovative ways, find opportunities to support, and by presenting curated, untapped talent but also create social impact by supporting underprivileged artists.

By facilitating the curation process we help you achieve more in a productive way.


Classeek wants to introduce to you curated events in a tailor-made approach.

Associate your brand to musical success and social impact by giving your brand visibility to larger and borderless audiences.

Private Donors

Classeek gives music lovers and patrons of the arts innovative ways to support classical musicians and concerts.

Private donors enjoy many advantages during the events they support, as well as closer relationships with the artists.

To discover more about our service leave your details and Classeek's representatives will be in contact with you.

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