“The pandemic is likely to cause a shift in the public’s attitude and habits about attending live music events” - R. Douglas Sheldon

Covid-19 Alert

Concerts and festivals are cancelled and artists are left without revenue. The situation in the classical music field is unsustainable.
We have decided to act! Classeek is coming to the support of artists by launching the virtual Showroom allowing Classeek artists to play and reconnect to their audience from home.
We need your support in these troubled times. Any contribution is welcome.
Your gesture will make the difference for an artist passionate by his art and isolated somewhere in the world!

Private Donors

Classeek Artists benefit significantly from private donor support.

Private Donors are proud supporters of individual Classeek Artists and their unique projects.

Support an Artist Sponsor future concerts

Contact us to discover more about our service: sponsor@classeek.com


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