The Classeek Showroom Series are recorded live for the use of Classeek Artists as its important for them to have high quality videos for their promotion.
Classeek artists enjoy sharing with you some of their unedited videos recorded during our concert series.

Let Classeek Artists accompany you daily!

Shostakovich - Prelude from 5 pieces for 2 Cellos and 1 Piano, Gautier Capuçon, Cello, Jeein You, Cello & Samuel Parent, Piano
Schubert - Sonata for Cello & Piano Arpeggione Jeein You, Cello, Samuel Parent, Piano
Paganini - Variations on a Theme of Rossini for Two Cellos, Gautier Capuçon & Jeein You
Jean-Baptiste Barrière - Sonata for Two Cellos in G Major, Jeein You, 1st Cello, Gautier Capuçon, 2nd Cello
Johannes Brahms - Sonata for Cello & Piano, Gautier Capuçon, Samuel Parent
Duo Anouchka & Katharina Hack Bis Improvisation - Traffic Theme
Duo Anouchka & Katharina Bis Improvisation - Love Theme
Duo Anouchka & Katharina Hack Piazzolla Le Grand Tango
Duo Anouchka & Katharina Hack, Chopin - Sonata for Cello and Piano in g minor 3rd Movement
Duo Anouchka & Katharina Hack Shostakovich Sonata for Cello and Piano in d minor Op40 1st,2nd & 3rd mov
Shostakovich - 5 Pieces for 2 Violins & 1 Piano (3 pieces), Filipe Johnson, Violin, Dor Sperber, Viola, Natalia Morozova, Piano
Nimrod Borenstein - Quasi una cadenza Op 26b, Dor Sperber, Viola

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