Virtual recitals: Joining efforts to support classical musicians in post lockdown disarray


Many sectors are impacted by the COVID crisis. Some of them express louder than others the economic disaster it is leading to.

The sudden urgency to adapt to the new rules, had a tremendous percussion on priorities and turned lives upside-down. In these circumstances, consumers tend to go back to their basic needs of survival and sometimes forget about spiritual health.

The Classical music community is one of the sectors which remains relatively discrete about what it is going through at this moment. All concerts and festivals being cancelled, many young and internationally renown musicians are facing open ended uncertainty…

One of the best known and most respected artist managers in the international field of classical music R. Douglas Sheldon recently mentioned:

“The pandemic is likely to cause a shift in the public’s attitude and habits about attending live music events”.

The truth is that live events are less relevant to pop artists who are omnipresent by other means like albums, movie soundtracks, Music TV clips, TV shows etc…and sometimes are even more successful without live interaction with the public. But what about classical music performers where the soul of the performance is their physical and spiritual presence?

There is an overwhelming amount of classical music concerts streamed at this moment. Most of them for free. Artists are sharing their virtuosity and emotions unconditionally with the public.

Public embracing of the artists solidarity movement has been remarkable, the question is: is it sustainable post crisis and what’s the best way to support artists?

Again, Lady Gaga can perform online for free without much financial uncertainty, but what about young, and even established talented pianists, cellists or opera singers?

'Without leaving the comfort of home a violinist or an actor must be able to give a recital on the other side of the world and be paid for it. This implies the use of technologies that are available or will soon be available. There are already pioneers in the field such as the online platform Classeek.'

Jacques Attali, author

At Classeek, our main mission is to Discover, Follow and Support talented artists. In the middle of this unprecedented crisis, we wish to make sure that they do not get discouraged and abandon their field by a simple lack of sustainability. Now that we are all adjusting to the social distancing but thrive for culture, beauty, comfort and connection it’s an unique opportunity for young artists to show their ease to adapt and experiment new ways to create an audience.

Since April this year, Classeek moved our Showroom in a virtual mode and we started to propose an innovative concept of a live performance: Virtual Recitals. It is not a fancy streaming or a TV show, but a live interaction with your classic performer, via Zoom, where the musician plays from his or her living room for a small group of people where an interactive Q&A session follows the performance. The success of this concept lies in the intimate character of such an event, where you feel closer to an artist than in any most prestigious concert hall. We do our best to optimise the sound quality, but the most important feature remains the human interaction and the unique possibility to get to know these artists personally.

At the beginning, we proposed these recitals to private clients whom we call our “Classeek community” for friends and family events. Today, we are also launching this concept for corporate clients who are searching for new ways of boosting their team’s motivation, awakening creativity or simply spending some quality time with co-workers after intensive brainstorming on “how to survive the crisis”.

“Humanity needs art to thrive, not to survive but to thrive” – R. Douglas Sheldon

More information on Classeek Virtual recitals:

for corporate clients

for private clients

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