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Gain Time, Control, Accuracy


Save time and energy, build your profile consistently and methodically and eliminate mistakes by sending presenters ClasseekLink to insure complete, up-to-date, correctly-sized biographies and photos.

Free to create and easy to update.

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Artist Managers

With a minimum once-per-year artist approval, artist managers use ClasseekLink to insure that the correct biographies and photos will appear in concert programs and ad materials.

Use staff time more efficiently and increase productivity through easy to maintain, easy to search artist profiles.

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Imagine reducing staff time searching for artist materials, and then eliminating all the back-and forth correspondence needed for editing biographies, finding hi-res photos, and photo credits?

Access ClasseekLink's database for your artist needs and find current materials at your fingertips.

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Access and update your biography as often as you wish

Minimize unapproved edits of your biographical materials

Receive reminders when your biography is more than 12 months old so you always keep it up-to-date

Ensure that photos are sized properly and hi-res quality

Ensure that your photos are properly credited

See who has viewed your materials (coming soon)

Biographies in multiple languages (coming soon)


Streamline and simplify updating and maintaining artist materials

With at least one approval per year, ensure that materials are consistent and correct

Improve staff efficiency by providing short and long biographies, minimizing needs to approve edits

Provide biographies in multiple languages

Avoid out-of-date photos from appearing in programs and advertising materials

Receive regular reports on access to artist materials, both views and downloads

With one search, presenters find up-to-date materials for all the artists on your roster, without needing to contact each individual artist manager.

ClasseekLink Features

Features included in each plan:



Forever free

Starting at $12/month
paid annually

Number of Links (artists) under management

1 only

2 included
$12/month per additional Link

Publish biographies in 6 languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, SP, RU)

Let anyone download every bio in their latest version in a convenient .pdf file

List an official repertoires

Date your material to avoid letting thing fade out-of-date and prevent misuse from third parties

Autosave during text edition so you never lose edits

Attach High Res pictures in .jpg|.jpeg|.png|.tiff with automatic resolution feedback

Number of High Res Picture per Link

Max 2 per Link

Attach Youtube/Vimeo videos

Max 1 per Link

Attach unlimited official contact information to your Link(s)

Links to official website & social media

On demand professional bio redaction

$0.4 per word

50% off

Professional biography translation

$0.2 per word

50% off

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