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Make Better Decisions by Using Data

Research and Compare Facts about Classical Musicians and Organisations

Quantify your “gut feeling” with up-to-date information 

Although classical music is a global business, data collection in our field is haphazard at best. Much is local, often just word of mouth rather than fact-checked information. Since the information is decentralized, quantifying trends can be difficult if not impossible. 

For this reason important  decisions are still largely driven by intuition. Classeek Analytics makes this once obscured information clear and easy to access.

All the information that is valuable to you is only a search away 

Information today is superabundant but the never-ending deluge of information can be very overwhelming.
Classeek distills information and unlocks this new source of economic value for your business by extracting the intelligence you need.

Artist Discovery now supported by in-depth analysis

Our field is highly competitive.Many young artists remain overlooked and undiscovered. 

Young artists long to be discovered. Savvy presenters want to find them - first. The public wants to hear them.

Classeek Analytics uses data to aid in artist discovery and professional development opportunities. Classeek provides greater access for musicians and industry professionals worldwide to learn about talent, wherever it may be found.

What Are Classeek Analytics?​

  • Classeek has developed tools for professionals by harnessing publicly available big data in new ways.
  • Classeek’s pioneering set of proprietary metrics provide unprecedented new analysis that adds facts and perspective for career planning and key decision-making. We can help your organisation to make sense of your proliferating data.
  • Classeek Analytics provides objective information based on a new standard of integrating information. Used in conjunction with taste and experience, our data will help point to more opportunities for talented artists, and provide fresh insights for artists who may not have traveled the traditional path.

Data Analytics for Professionals​

Talent Discovery

Have you heard a name that's new to you?

Interested in looking into their networks?

Trends in their media mentions?

Evolution of their performance dates by geography, by presenter?

Interested in finding out more information about performances and repertoire?

Networks & Insights

Classeek tools expand and connect the musical community through an objective, trusted, and integrated platform.

The DNA of the classical music world has been mapped and analyzed by aggregating publicly available content from a variety of international sources.

Which organizations hire which artists?Who tends to perform with whom on a regular basis? What repertoire is being played frequently in which territory?Who is performing rare repertoire?

Proprietary intelligent data analysis is able to assist young artists not only in finding better career opportunities, but also to better understand and leverage networks.

Local & Global Trends

Predictive models analyze data and tell you where the musical world is going.

Are there really more women working in music? Which countries lead? What is the typical age of a professional artist début? Which artists play regularly with your local orchestra or festival? Where else do they perform and with whom?

We can identify signals about emerging trends in the classical music world to predict trajectories and gain unprecedented insight on artists dynamics and business trends by examining and analyzing related but unconnected information.

The Most Complete Data in The Musical Industry Powers Classeek

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