Data Intelligence for the Classical Music Community

Discover talent, explore and develop networks and gain new insights by adding data analysis to your decision-making process for business growth.

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Data Analytics For Professionals

Talent Discovery

Have you heard a name that's new to you? Interested in finding out more information about performances and repertoire?

Find unbiased information on rising stars through analysis of publicly available information on a trusted platform.

Networks & Insights

Which organizations hire which artists?
Who tends to perform with whom on a regular basis? What repertoire is being played frequently in which territory? Who is performing rare repertoire?

Use regularly updated data from our database to search for answers using ClasseekAnalytics.

Local & Global Trends

Are there really more women working in music? In which countries? What is the typical age of a professional artist debut? Which artists play regularly with your local orchestra or festival? Where else do they perform and with whom?

Research trends, satisfy your curiosity and create your own reports through ClasseekAnalytics.

Talent Discovery

Classeek provides equal access for musicians and industry professionals worldwide to learn about talent, wherever it may be found.

Our digital platform allows the classical music community to transcend the boundaries of physical location, personal connections, and financial constraints.

Networks and Insights

In Classeek's digital ecosystem, we can map and connect the DNA of the classical music world by aggregating publicly available content from a variety of international sources.

Proprietary intelligent data analysis is able to assist young artists not only in finding better career opportunities, but also to better understand and leverage networks. Classeek tools expand and network the musical community through an objective, trusted, and integrated platform.

Local and Global Trends

Predictive models analyze data and tell you where the world is going.

We can identify signals about emerging trends in the Classical music world to predict trajectories and gain unprecedented insight on artists dynamics and business trends by examining  and analyzing related but unconnected information.


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