Notice of Information

Notice of Information on Non-registered Users’ Personal Data contained on the Platform

Date of issuance: 30.09.2020

This Notice aims to inform any Non-registered User (“you”) on how their Personal Data contained on the Platform ClasseekLink (“Platform”) is processed. ThePlatform is owned and operated by Classeek SA (“Classeek” or “we”)and is available at the address Within the meaning of our Platform, a Non-registeredUser is a natural or legal person which name appears in promotional material of musical events and which presents an interest for the Platform, even if not registered as a user.

The Platform is a place where classical music professionals may connect with the entire classic community. It may be considered as service provider and a professional networking platform for classical music professionals with access to trusted information.

1.     Who are we?

We are the Data Controller of the Personal Data concerned by thisNotice. Our headquarter is located in EPFLInnovation Park, Building F, 1015 Lausanne (Switzerland) and we can be reached by the email address

2.   Why may we process your Personal Data?

We process Personal Data in order to provide accurate and complete program materials for performers and presenters. For artists and performers, the Platform aims to help them build their profile consistently and methodically and eliminate mistakes on their up-to-date, correctly-sized biographies and photos. For managers and presenters, the Platform aims to make them save time in the checking process of the artists’ profiles.

As you are a Non-registeredUser, we may process Personal data that you have made available publicly or that comes from websites on which Personal Data is publicly shared in order to achieve our previously mentioned purposes.

3.   Which Personal Data do we collect and process?

This includes:

-       Name;

-       First name;

-       Biography (for natural person) or description of the activity (for legal person);

-       Metadata from appearances in concert programs or in the press.

4.   Who can have access to the Personal Data?

Your Personal data maybe viewed by the users of the Platform, which include not only the registered users but anyone visiting the Platform too.

5.   Your rights

You have at all times the possibility to opt-out from the Platform and ask us to remove your Personal data from it.

Moreover, as a data subject, you are entitled to assert different rights. For more information about your rights, we kindly ask you to refer to our Privacy Policy, available at

6.   Questions?

We hope that we have answered to the questions you might have regarding how we process your Personal Data. If you have any concern in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by email.