Crescendo Con la Musica

Lausanne, Switzerland

The Crescendo con la Musica Foundation was established in September 2012 by Jorge Viladoms Weber, a professional musician with an international career who is also a piano teacher at the Lausanne Conservatory for Music.

“Born in Mexico to a family where the most important value to be learnt is empathy, I have felt, since my childhood, the need to help others. I had to face some precarious and painful situations from an early age, as my parents were working to help children from an orphanage in Durango, Mexico. My career as a professional musician made me aware of the importance of music in the development of a child, and now my wish to help children in Mexico has materialized with the creation of Crescendo con la Musica Foundation."

The aim of Crescendo con la Musica Foundation is to provide access to music to children living in poverty in Mexico, by offering them the opportunity to possess an instrument and acquire quality musical training. Studying classical music and learning to play an instrument help to develop enthusiasm, passion, imagination, freedom of speech, as well as an ability to concentrate, a sense of organisation, perseverance, an analytical mind, and body control. Studying music develops the ability to learn, to socialize, and to feel unique emotions. Music allows children to become aware of themselves by providing the opportunity to see their future in a different way, especially where poverty limits their opportunities.

The Foundation Crescendo con la Musica is sustained by the foundation «Rockefeller Brothers Fund» New York since October 2013.



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