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A Public Platform dedicated to Classical Music Professionals Worldwide connecting and facilitating exchanges with today's technology. ClasseekLink hosts an extensive Database of artists, promoters, artist managers with their references (press kits, CV's) and information. ClasseekLink offers Data Analytics for talent assessment, career trajectory analysis and decision making support.


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Artist Managers

⭐️ Increase Visibility for your Agency and Artists

⭐️ Expand your Network: Connect seamlessly within the professional community

⭐️ Save time with the Classeek Press kit tool

⭐️ Optimize your daily tasks with Classeek's talor-made solutions

⭐️ Get Insights with Classeek's Data Analytics tool

⭐️ Order roster Custom Reports

Promoters & Festivals

⭐️ Connect with Professionals worldwide & expand your Network

⭐️ Increase your Visibility worldwide

⭐️Explore the Database to find Information about Programs & Artists

⭐️  Save time with the Classeek press kit Tool

Academies & Institutions

⭐️Strengthen your Community Engagement with a platform tailored for your needs

⭐️Stay in touch with your Alumni with private groups

⭐️ Increase your Visibility worldwide

⭐️Expand your Network: Connect seamlessly within the professional community

⭐️ Provide cutting-edge tools for your students (ex: press kits)

⭐️ Order Custom Reports on Alumni's Career Trajectories
& Show their Success

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Increase your Visibility

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Create New Opportunities

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Gain Time on Artists' materials management

Increase Visibility and new Opportunities for your artists

Expand your Network

Efficiency Optimisation with customized solutions

Custom Reports on roster Analytics

Track interest on your artists


Strengthen your Community Engagement

Showcase your activities Worldwide

Stay in touch with your Alumni

Prepare your students for their future with cutting-edge Tools

Seamlessly connect with professionals worldwide

Custom Reports on your Alumni's Careers

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