Our Ambassadors and Supporters

Patrick Aebischer

Classeek is a good example of what digital revolution, and technology at large can bring to the classical music world.

Jacques Attali

Lieu de rencontre de l’excellence dans l’offre et la demande de musique classique, Classeek permettra à cette forme d’art de rester l'expression du meilleur de l’homme, dans l’universel de la transcendance.

Sergio Azzolini

Classeek supports young performers who next to their talent as virtuosos are driven by that strong idealism which makes a truly great musician.

Michel Béroff

Connecting the most advanced communication tools to serve tomorrow’s most promising musicians, this is the unique challenge aimed by Classeek. For this we must be thankful and devoted.

Gautier Capuçon

Thanks Classeek for this beautiful energy, trust and highlight today's and tomorrow's talents.

Renaud Capuçon

Support and create connections between tomorrow's artists, this is what makes Classeek unique.

Yaron Herman

Classeek est un lieu de rencontres, source de nouvelles aventures et créations musicales. Dans une époque de révolution technologique, les artistes ont besoin de nouveaux moyens pour faire évoluer et partager leur passion au-delà des frontières et permettre plus d’échanges entre la musique classique, le jazz et les musiques du monde.

Emmanuel Pahud

Geniuses create music that stays with mankind across centuries. With data science at the service of our promising musicians, Classeek is providing them with a state of the art support, network and platform throughout their development.

Sir András Schiff

I welcome Classeek's initiative to create opportunities for these talented artists to be heard and am delighted for my "Building Bridges" pianists to be included.

Eric Tanguy

Classeek helps brilliant young soloists, which have been selected for their artistic qualities, to develop their image and network. I think this is a sound idea. Thirty years ago, musicians embarked on a career because they were singular - but this is no longer the case. So it is important that by means of such a platform, singularity is reestablished and connects people amongst themselves.

Markus Wyler

Classeek is a compelling new tool for musicians, promoters and sponsors: it allows new and direct connections between all of us and beyond the existing circuits which often appear rigid and impenetrable.


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