Our Mission & Values

Classeek is a new online platform for the classical music community that connects every stakeholder: musicians, presenters, sponsors and audiences. We believe the world is full of untapped talent that should be discovered and thrive regardless of physical location, personal connections or financial conditions. 

We help musicians engage with new audiences through digital media and we present featured artists to event organisers. Classeek helps both institutions and musicians increase their value by making them more visible to sponsors, patrons and audiences. We believe transparency and connectivity within the musical community will create more opportunities for all stakeholders.

Classeek leverages technology in order to rationalize & sustainably support classical music as a constantly growing, evolving genre.

Our Values are Meritocracy, Talent Recognition, Excellence, Transparency, Social Impact, and Independance.

Why Now?

There is an incredibile opportunity to boost the revival of Classical music through leveraging today's technology. With the rise of more and more festivals, the propagation of live streaming, and digital media, we provide the right tools to empower artists to be at the the right place at the right time, and finally to provide universal access to classical music.

Our mission is to help musicians engage their audiences like never before; they can now cultivate fans and keep them close regardless of touring schedules or physical proximity. Festivals can take advantage of having more information -as a one stop shop- and a source of variety and quality curation of untapped talent.

With local governments reducing culture budgets it is crucial to compensate this loss in funding by selecting and attracting private donors who are passionate and understand the necessity and value of investing in culture for future generations.

Our Ambassadors

Soutenir et mettre en contact les artistes de demain, c’est en cela que Classeek est unique.

Renaud Capuçon, Violinist

Merci Classeek pour cette belle énergie, faire confiance et mettre en lumière les talents d'aujourd'hui et de demain.

Gautier Capuçon, Cellist

Classeek est un lieu de rencontres, source de nouvelles aventures et créations musicales. Dans une époque de révolution technologique, les artistes ont besoin de nouveaux moyens pour faire évoluer et partager leur passion au-delà des frontières et permettre plus d’échanges entre la musique classique, le jazz et les musiques du monde.

Yaron Herman, Composer

Classeek is a compelling new tool for musicians, promoters and sponsors: it allows new and direct connections between all of us and beyond the existing circuits which often appear rigid and impenetrable. It was created with the intent of bringing forward new talent, creative events, unusual programmes, unforeseen working relationships and to serve as an inspiring source of knowledge for newcomers to the world of professional music. Hopefully, Classeek will stimulate and renew certain aspects of the music business and help to propagate classical music as one of the most important elements of our lives.

Markus Wyler, Music Manager, Dramaturg

Lieu de rencontre de l’excellence dans l’offre et la demande de musique classique, Classeek permettra à cette forme d’art de rester l'expression du meilleur de l’homme, dans l’universel de la transcendance.

Jacques Attali, Writer

Classeek est un bel exemple de ce que la révolution digitale, et plus largement la technologie, peut apporter au monde de la musique classique.

Patrick Aebischer, Professor