Our Mission & Values

Classeek is a new digital platform for the classical music world designed to assist promising emerging performers by leveraging technology and digital tools. These tools greatly enhance transparency and connectivity within the classical musical community, creating more opportunities and access between musicians, presenters and audiences.

The world is full of untapped talent that is ripe for discovery. Classeek helps transcend the boundaries of physical location, personal connections or financial constraints by creating an innovative way for presenters to learn about a refreshing roster of musicians ready for the world’s concert stages. Musicians forge new professional opportunities through direct links to presenters in Classeek’s digital marketplace, which matches musicians to performance opportunities. Top quality videos and materials provided by Classeek also enable young artists to insure a sustained and successful career and can be also used to build an international fanbase.

In order to guarantee the highest quality musical artistry, Classeek musicians are introduced by leading international concert artists through a unique “Ambassador Program”. Classeek Ambassadors recommend one or two young musicians who are ready to share their artistry with the world by performing on international stages.

Our Values are Meritocracy, Talent Recognition, Excellence, Transparency, Social Impact, and Independance.

Why Now?

Every generation produces a wealth of musical talent and a core of interested patrons and audiences to support them, but talent discovery and performance opportunities still rely on a traditional business model dependant on relationships and personal recommendations. Because of this relatively closed network, talented artists may not always be identified quickly, and may risk missing professional opportunities available to them. In addition to this market inefficiency, aversion to promoting new artists is still widespread in the industry. Classeek tools provide better information for the entire musical community.

Quality information about rising talent is onerous to collect and keep current on a worldwide basis. Classeek seeks to use current technology to modernise the tools available for musicians and the classical music industry. Today in the era of big data and with the power of computing, where one can search and analyse data, there is a unique opportunity to leverage today's technology. We provide the right tools to empower artists to be at the right place at the right time and ultimately enrich musical life and provide global access to Classical music.

How to Apply?

Classeek is developing, and we aim to help talented musicians globally and are now scaling up tools and capacity to enroll musicians. Our service will be progressively available during the second half of 2018.

During this second phase, we will accept applications to our Ambassador Program with endorsements of internationally established soloists and pedagogues from our selected Classeek list of potential Ambassadors. Ambassadors are musicians who are genuinely interested in mentoring the next generation of artists and choose to endorse one or two young musicians who are ready for the international stages. 

We are also just coming up with a new product in July: ClasseekLink. Guaranteed up-to-date artist materials for musicians, agents and presenters. ClasseekLinks are verified by artists and managers and available through a simple, standardized link. No more old biographies or out-of date photos! 

Our Ambassadors

Renaud Capuçon Violinist

Support and create connections between tomorrow's artists, this is what makes Classeek unique.

Gautier Capuçon Cellist

Thanks Classeek for this beautiful energy, trust and highlight today's and tomorrow's talents

Sergio Azzolini Bassoonist

Classeek supports young performers who next to their talent as virtuosos are driven by that strong idealism which makes a truly great musician.

Yaron Herman Composer

Classeek est un lieu de rencontres, source de nouvelles aventures et créations musicales. Dans une époque de révolution technologique, les artistes ont besoin de nouveaux moyens pour faire évoluer et partager leur passion au-delà des frontières et permettre plus d’échanges entre la musique classique, le jazz et les musiques du monde.

Markus Wyler Music Manager, Dramaturg

Classeek is a compelling new tool for musicians, promoters and sponsors: it allows new and direct connections between all of us and beyond the existing circuits which often appear rigid and impenetrable. It was created with the intent of bringing forward new talent, creative events, unusual programmes, unforeseen working relationships and to serve as an inspiring source of knowledge for newcomers to the world of professional music. Hopefully, Classeek will stimulate and renew certain aspects of the music business and help to propagate classical music as one of the most important elements of our lives.

Jacques Attali Writer

Lieu de rencontre de l’excellence dans l’offre et la demande de musique classique, Classeek permettra à cette forme d’art de rester l'expression du meilleur de l’homme, dans l’universel de la transcendance.

Patrick Aebischer Professor

Classeek est un bel exemple de ce que la révolution digitale, et plus largement la technologie, peut apporter au monde de la musique classique.

Classeek is a good example of what digital revolution, and technology at large can bring to the classical music world.


Catarina Amon Founder, CEO
Victor Martin CTO
Ran Segall Designer

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